The Wash Podcast: Hand Hygiene in Early Childhood Education

The wash Podcast

Our founder and CEO Rob Kania discussed Early Childhood Education hand hygiene practices on Meritech’s The Wash Podcast. The main focus of the discussion was around the use of automated hand hygiene techniques and how time can be saved over the entire course of the school year while maintaining hand hygiene that is better than regular hand-washing. Rob talked about these time-saving efficiencies that can be put directly into more classroom time learning the curriculum:

“I mean, it’s a very fast process to get the perfect hand wash. So you’re moving the kids through that process a lot faster, which brings programming time, back into your day. You’re talking about early childhood education has grown significantly with their curriculum requirements, and what’s expected developmentally in these childcare centers every year and teachers are constantly looking to get more time back into their programming between meals and naps, hand-washing and all these things that have to be done. And when you think about how often you’re washing hands with the children, If you’re dropping that, from a dozen kids to 12 seconds every time, right in their room you’re putting 20, 30 minutes back into your programming day. So, so it’s really beneficial, the entire way around from taking the human error out of the hand washing process to bringing time back into the programming of the day. You know, it, there’s a huge benefit. So whether you’re taking them out into a bathroom or a hallway to wash their hands, or whether it’s right in their room, you’re saving a lot of time.”

Listen to the full podcast and learn more at this link.