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Direct Safety Solutions is a full-service consulting and fulfillment group with the expertise and experience necessary to assist you with the Safe & Confident reopening and operation of your business, school, and customer facilities.

Health Safety Consulting Company


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Building on decades of healthcare facility technology.

Direct Safety Solutions

With over 20 years of operational consulting experience for large facilities and institutions, Direct Safety Solutions has built out a technology stack and 3 focus approach adapted from technologies previously used for sanitizing surgical suites, hospital air flows, and leading best practices. Our work is already being used around the country to allow businesses to remain open and safely operating during the current pandemic and will continue to be a vital set of resources to mitigating future public health threats.


DSS is a single source provider of guidance, technologies, and support for implementing our 3 Focus approach to safely opening and keeping employees and customers healthy. Our plan and the systems we recommend are based on the latest guidance from federal, state, and local authorities and we regularly review additional solutions and update our systems and plans to meet federal and state guidelines.

Work with us to help protect everyone working, learning, and visiting against COVID-19 and all other pathogens and allergens!


Direct Safety Solutions

Build a barrier to protect your school with state-of-the-art temperature screening and air purification systems.

Best Practices:

Direct Safety Solutions

Continued health and safety protocols to stop the spread in your community including UV-C sanitizing solutions and accessible hand hygiene systems.

Culture Change:

Direct Safety Solutions

Training on the implementation of long-term improvements to impact annual flu epidemics, viruses, disasters, and regular events.


We’re here to help America’s businesses open safely so everyone can confidently return to work and their daily routines.


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